Reclaiming your garage

Reclaiming this area can prove extremely valuable, as one of the biggest spaces inside the home and has potential to be multifunctional.


In its literal definition, the most obvious use of a garage is to park and protect a vehicle. However, increasingly garbage would be a better definition, as the space ends up cluttered with stuff that does not fit into the house such as old toys, garden tools, paint, exercise machines and sports equipment. Left unchecked and soon there is not any room to park the car!

Uses of garage space

Reclaiming this area can prove extremely valuable, it is one of the biggest spaces inside the home and has potential to be multifunctional if it is organised correctly. There are no limits to how you use this area from the obvious to the imaginative:

  • Parking vehicles
  • Car or motor bike repair and maintenance
  • Renovation of classic cars
  • Bikes
  • Storage
  • Workshop – DIY, car repairs, tools and paint
  • Hobbies
  • Musical instruments – drum kits
  • Sports equipment
  • Utility – laundry, fridge freezer
  • Playroom
  • Gym

How dramatic the change to your garage is, and how diverse you can make the space is obviously limited to your individual budget and family needs. It is extremely useful to plan out all the necessary requirements and jobs to adapt your garage successfully such as plumbing, lighting, shelving, heating, sealing your floor, electrics, adding insulation and replacing your garage door.

Roller Garage Doors

No matter how you want to best utilise your garage space, a SeceuroGlide roller garage door is a sound investment. They are extremely secure, safe, stylish, versatile, insulated and low maintenance.

Example application features and benefits:

  1. Space One of the best ways to store away garage clutter, kit out your workshop or create a utility space is to shelve the walls. Depending on whether you are having a spring clean or a complete reorganisation, your garage will obviously require different elements for your walls. There are many options available such as benches, tools, peg boards, cupboards and shelving that will help, however all of them rely on wall space. If you have the headroom you could also use ceiling suspended storage to maximise on space. The roller garage door does not need walls or ceiling space and is the best choice if you want to utilise your garage as a multifunctional space as well as a place to house your vehicle. The SeceuroGlide roller garage door is very beneficial in this instant as the whole garage door rolls neatly into a cassette and therefore does not use precious wall or ceiling space other than that of the opener.  
  2. Security Obviously you want a secure garage door with the maximum security features to protect your vehicle, however we often don’t consider the value of the other items that can be stored in the garage. Depending on how you convert this space there could be valuable tools, garden equipment, sports or gym apparatus, bikes and televisions that you will want to protect too. The SeceuroGlide Excel roller garage door has the highest security specification on the garage door market, it has passed both police and insurance standards. If proven protection for your car and home is a priority there is no better choice.  
  3. Insulation Storing valuable equipment and tools can be precarious if the garage is not properly weatherproof and this can be especially let down by an old faulty garage door. Rain water particularly can be extremely detrimental in that it can cause rust, rot and mould. If you want to spend more time in your garage to fulfil some DIY, renovate a classic car or even play your drum kit you need to make it a room that is insulated and warm. A faulty, old or low spec garage door is going to let in adverse weather and let out the warmth of your house., making for an unpleasant garage to work or play in. This could potentially result in you having to defrost the car, which is one of the reasons why you wanted it in the garage in the first place and lose you money through higher energy bills.

The roller garage doors by SWS provides the solution as it is extremely weatherproof. For example, in tests they can withstand nearly 60 miles per hour winds, the likes of which you would only get in storms. Also the webbing holding the insulated garage door together is unaffected by extreme temperatures, each slats is insulated and there are rubber seals at the bottom of the curtain to keep out the elements.


Probably not the most obvious thing that comes to mind when looking to maximise space or add value to your current home, but a roller garage door could be just the answer. At a time where people are struggling to find the cash to move to bigger premises, why not make the most of the space that you waste in your home.

Sound proof, weatherproof and well insulated, a roller garage door can effectively transform your existing garage into another room, without comprising on usability.

The convenience of and the fact that installation requires minimal headroom or wall space, means that you can shelve out the garage to your heart’s content!

This type of garage door adds value to your property not just by reclaiming wasted space in side but also aesthetically from the outside. With a plethora of beautiful styles, designs and finishes you can make your home look extremely attractive for potential buyers.

Whether you’re a DIY fanatic, a classic car enthusiast or totally bike mad, fitting a SeceuroGlide roller garage door to your garage will not only increase potentially usable space, it will also make it more comfortable and practical to work in. No more tinkering in a cold, cluttered, unsafe, unsecure and drafty garage.

Last updated May 1, 2012 by Lisa Clewley

A SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door

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