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SeceuroFire Flame Curtain

Intelligent automatic fire curtain from SWS UK - The flexible solution for a safe exit route.

Invisible when not in use, Flame Curtain is automatically activated in the event of a fire alarm or power failure. This ensures safety where it is needed without having to compromise on the aesthetics or design of a building.

The Flame Curtain, when lowered or deployed divides up large open spaces to slow down the spread of fire, allowing a safe exit. Flame Curtain is strong enough to contain a fire for up to 2 hours whilst still allowing a route of escape should this be required. This is achieved by simply lifting the bottom rail to create a gap large enough to go under.

2 hour rated
Approved standards
Gravity safe


  • Helps stop the spread of fire
  • 2 hour rating
  • Invisible when not in use
  • Auto-operation
  • Gravity fail safe
  • Still allows access/safe exit
  • Complies with regulations


The Flame Curtain’s design allows both a face or reveal installation. The curtain must be fixed to appropriate fire protected masonry/concrete or steel supporting constructions that have a fire resistance of at least the period required.

Box housing unit

Curtain axle

End plate

Fire curtain

Guide rails

Bottom rail

SeceuroFire Flame Curtain 1 2 3 4 5 6


Flame curtain action step 1

Invisible when not is use

Flame curtain action step 2

Automatically activated

Flame curtain action step 3

Takes seconds to deploy

Flame curtain action step 4

Creates a fire barrier

Common Applications

  • No compromise on design in large open plan offices
  • Contain fire to create a safe escape route
  • Fire protection over windows
  • Contain area in a building e.g. restaurant/cafe area in a school/department store
  • Greater protection on doors
  • Contain fire within a lift
  • Boundary protection to stop fire spreading to other premises e.g. shopping centre

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Maintenance Recommendations

There is a requirement under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for companies to ensure fire safety equipment is maintained and a record kept.

  • Weekly: Check all the system for correct operation
  • 6 Months: Inspections and test of the systems by a competent engineer
  • Annually: Full inspections and test of the systems by a competent engineer, clean self-contained detectors and check or replace batteries
SeceuroFire Flame Curtains

A flame curtain is a large fabric curtain made of heavy-duty fibreglass designed to fit over passageways, doors and windows to prevent the spread of fire. They only operate in the event of a fire and can provide up to 2 hours of containment when deployed. As they are made of fabric they still provide a route of escape when necessary.

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SeceuroFire Flame Shutters

Flame shutters are similar to conventional steel slatted and galvanised steel roller shutters that operate vertically, closing in the event of a fire. Our fire shutters are available in safety ratings of up to 4 hours. One of the main benefits of Flame shutters is there ability to act as a means of physical security during normal use and a fire safety shutter in the event of a fire.

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