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With 3 specifications, the SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage door
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Side Bar Mounted System

Introducing the Elite, our feature-packed sectional door.

The SeceuroGlide Sectional Elite really is a smooth operator. With optional automation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quiet our door is in operation.

Available on doors up to 3.5 meters wide, the Elite is supplied made-tomeasure, ensuring the perfect fit for your garage door opening. And, with our integrated weather-seals around each edge, there’s no need to worry about rain ingress or drafts.

The 40 mm thick insulated panels keep the worst of the weather outside meaning you can make the most of your garage, all year round.

Choose from realistic woodgrains, classic heritage colours or our range of contemporary metallic finishes such as titanium silver.

Side Bar Mounted System

Low on headroom? Compact is the answer

We’ve squeezed an extra 80mm clearance on our compact sectional door making it the perfect choice for garages that suffer from obscured or lower ceiling heights than standard garages. Our compact door comes with all the same great features as our standard model, but with added clearance.

Although 80mm may not sound like a lot, it can have a big impact on how much of your garage is taken up by the more traditional garage doors. Our low-headroom sectional door is available in the same range of finishes, colours and style. Allowing you to choose the perfect door for your home, without comprise.

Side Bar Mounted System

Make it a double. Suitable for openings up to 5.25m metres.

Whether you’re replacing an existing double garage door or looking to knock two separate garages into one, the SeceuroGlide Sectional Plus offers all the advantages of our standard sectional door but up to widths of 5.25m metres.

Supplied fully automated and with the full range of colours, finishes and styles on offer, you can create your perfect garage door and have it made-to-measure.

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