SeceuroGlide Vertico Garage Doors
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SeceuroGlide Garage Doors

Choice of Finishes

With 14 standard colour finishes and 3 textured woodgrain finishes
we’ve got a colour to suit any home.

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Plain colour finishes

Choose from 14 standard colour finishes:

Burgundy (RAL 3004)
(RAL 3004)
Navy Blue (RAL 5011)
Navy Blue
(RAL 5011)
Light Beige** (RAL 08B17)
Light Beige**
(RAL 08B17)
Brown (RAL 8014)
(RAL 8014)
Fir Green (RAL 6009)
Fir Green
(RAL 6009)
Black (RAL 9005)
(RAL 9005)
Medium Oak
Medium Oak
White (RAL 9010)
(RAL 9010)
Light Grey** (RAL 7038)
Light Grey**
(RAL 7038)
Ivory** (RAL 9006)
Metallic Silver**
(RAL 9006)
Anthracite** (RAL 7016)
(RAL 7016)

Texture woodgrain finishes

Choose from 3 woodgrain finishes



Golden Oak*
Golden Oak*

* The Rosewood, Mahogany and Golden Oak textured woodgrain finish options are subject to a surcharge. In addition, please note that (as the special finish appears on one side only) textured woodgrain finishes are also unsuitable for external mounting.

**Additional lead times may apply.

Important Notes on Colour

Computer screens do not allow exact reproduction of the paint colours. If you are unsure of your colour choice please ask your supplier for a sample. Colour references quoted are the nearest standard RAL or BS references to the colours used. They will not be an exact match and are intended as a guide only.

Doors ordered in the Medium Oak finish will be supplied with a brown bottom slat.

Coloured guide rails are supplied as standard, however they may not match the slat colour. The manufacturing process for the slat profile results in a textured finish, whilst all other coloured items (guides, bottom slats, optional facias and vision panels) are supplied in a satin finish so we cannot guarantee an exact match.

Light Grey, Metallic Silver and Anthracite doors can be supplied with colour matched guide rails subject to a surcharge. (♦)

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