Automated Control

Enjoy the convenience of a fully automated garage door, which can even be operated from inside your car!

Say goodbye to awkward, heavy or hard to open garage doors and hello to smooth, effortless operation which is already being enjoyed by owners of our electric SeceuroGlide garage door. With a number of control options to choose from you can taylor your door to suit the lifestyle of you and your family.

The choice is yours

When purchasing an automatic SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door you choose the two remotes you would like from our wide selection. Can’t decide?

Why not choose two different ones? Our Bi-Directional remotes allow you to check on the status of your garage door. At the touch of a button from the comfort of your home you will be able to determine if your door is open or closed.

SeceuroGlide Connect

The ability to control your garage door via a smart phone.

SeceuroGlide Connect allows connection through a Wi-Fi router with any terminal using remote access via internet or Ethernet. SeceuroGlide Connect enables you to use your smart phone like a normal transmitter.
A plug and play system allows you to set up the system effortlessly without the need for special applications.

Plug & Play
SeceuroGlide Connect does not require a complicated installation procedure; the system is implemented through simple and intuitive connections.

Simplicity of Use and Customisation
On the first selection page there are 6 pictures that can be customised to suit you all done via your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Comfort Within Reach of All
No software or application is needed with SeceuroGlide Connect; all you need to use is a Wi-Fi router and internet connection.

Control Through Your Smart Phone
Your phone becomes the controller and performs the same functions as a remote control.

SeceuroGlide Connect+

Operate your garage door by making a call from any telephone.

Connect+ allows total control of your SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door via telephone calls and text messages. Save user’s numbers directly into the door and you are able to open and close the door with a simple telephone call. Allow access to your garage to accept a delivery or for trades men, a simple text message allows you to programme their telephone number and the number of times you would like to gain access to ensure your property is always secure.

Not sure if you have closed your garage door? Ask it by sending a text message, you will receive a reply which will confirm the status of your door and if it is open or closed. Your door is also able to text you self-diagnostics so you know everything is working correctly.

Our SeceuroGlide Connect+ System is the next step in garage door technology and is available exclusively on SeceuroGlide.