Your Comprehensive Smart Home System

Somfy Tahoma enables you to experience a truly smart way of living

Somfy Tahoma Smart Home with SeceuroGlide

With the Tahoma interface, you have even more control of your environment wherever you are. More than just security features, Tahoma allows you added control of blinds, curtains, heating and electrical equipment, as well as all the benefits that come with having a Connexoon.


Add Technology As Your Lifestyle Changes

You may just want to automate your garage door at this moment in time, but Tahoma allows you to add new features as and when you need. If you envision a future where your curtains and blinds open at a certain time in the morning to help you wake up for work, Tahoma allows you to add these comforts when you’re ready.

Even More Security While You’re Away

With Tahoma, you can access a real-time display of the status of your home; from whether your front door or garage door is locked, to whether your heating is turned off. You can also check whether any movement has been detected on your home surveillance*, and programme indoor lights to turn on at certain times.

*Starts at £3.99 monthly subscription for storing video history


More than Another Pair of Eyes and Ears

You can combine different scenarios with sensors to adjust your smart home based on your environment. If it gets too warm, the heating can be programmed to turn off; if the sunlight streams in through the window, your blinds can automatically close. More than another pair of eyes and ears checking for would-be intruders, Tahoma enables you to live in complete comfort.

Easy To Use

Simply connect Tahoma to your home WiFi router, install the app on your smartphone, and control your smart home and garage door from wherever you are in the world.

Voice Control

Interact with Tahoma by voice through your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Alarm System

Set up movement detectors and sirens for protection against intruders. You can also add smoke alarms that not only detect smoke and emits an 85 dB alarm to warn you, but also allows you to secure safe escape routes too. When connected to the TaHoma system, it can roll up blinds and switch on lights to make it easier for you to get out of any emergency situation.


See what’s going on in real-time with indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras.

Lights & Switches

Control all your lighting and lamps via remote, voice, sensors or timers.

Blinds & Curtains

Link motion detectors to your lights, blinds and curtains to activate when you leave or arrive home.

Climate Control

Set timing programs and control temperature via the app wherever you are.

Garage Doors

Operate your garage door from mobile, tablet or computer and link with outside lights and garage lights.

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Product Ranges

With 5 specifications, the SeceuroGlide Roller is one of the most versatile options available in the UK market today.

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The Garage Door looks really great both outside and inside. It certainly improves the look of the property as a whole. It also makes for extra security. Well worth the money.

Customer of Capital Garage Doors

– 31-08-2021

Bicycle Insurance company recognised SeceuroGlide as a trusted manufacturer. This means we now do not need to have our bikes locked separately in the garage. The security provided by the garage door is enough.

Customer of Capital Garage Doors

– 28-08-2021

Additional height in the door aperture was required. The installed door looks amazing and opens beautifully, giving maximum space for reversing in.

Customer of Alexandra Garage Doors

– 24-08-2021

Loved the selection of colours and the sleek finish of the product. Even better, I no longer get wet when I put the car in the garage!

Customer of A-Door Solutions Ltd

– 29-07-2021