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SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Doors

Since its launch as the first insulated roller garage door, SeceuroGlide has maintained its position as market leader through continuous development and innovation.

SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Doors

Introducing the new range of Sectional Garage Doors from SWS UK

SeceuroGlide Vertico Garage Doors

The Vertico lateral running door offers a unique and stylish solution for any garage design, making the most of your garage space and creating a design feature for your home.

Welcome to the SeceuroGlide Range of Garage Doors

Combining great design and exceptional build quality, the SeceuroGlide range of garage doors are designed and manufactured in the UK and offer attractive effortless protection for your home

We understand that buying a new garage door is a significant investment for your home. The SeceuroGlide range of garage doors aim to ensure you make the most of your investment by offering a garage door that will fit all of your requirements without compromise.

Investing in a SeceuroGlide garage door means you are making the best possible investment in the future of your family’s property, both in terms of appearance and security

New and Exclusive for 2016

Exclusive to SeceuroGlide

Our extensive SeceuroGlide range is all about choice:

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  • choice of style
  • choice of specification
  • choice of accessories
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  • choice of technology
  • choice of finish
  • choice of colour

All SeceuroGlide doors are:

  • Made To Measure – Perfect fit means no compromise on weather protection, insulation or security.
  • CE Marked – Investing in a CE marked product means you are purchasing a product that is fully compliant with all European directives.
  • SeceuroGlide & SeceuroGlide Excel now have a wide choice of remote options, including SeceuroGlide Connect, our wireless system that allows you to control your garage door from a smart phone or tablet and SeceuroGlide Connect + which allows you to operate your garage door through a telephone call.
  • Finishes To Suit You and Your Home – All doors in the range have a variety of finishes to ensure they become a real asset to your home.
  • Peace of Mind Warranties – Using only the finest components to produce the SeceuroGlide means a complete peace of mind warranty.

A garage door to suit every home:



Our Sectional Garage Doors gives you a choice of panel designs, colours & finishes to find the perfect look for your home. Each panel design - Georgian Cassette, Wide Rib or Standard Rib has a unique character ranging from classic to cutting edge.

Finish and Colour

Finish and Colour

Available in plain colour finishes and woodgrain and textures. With over 40 wood effect finishes to choose from, the SeceuroGlide range of roller garage doors has a finish to match any home.

Windows and Options

Window and Options

Incorporating windows into your design will further enhance the style and usability of your garage. Choose from our range of windows to create a door as individual as your home.

Product Matrix

Take a look at our comparison matrix to easily compare features.

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Product matrix

How to buy

We supply via a network of professional national installers.

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How to buy

How to measure

Find out how to measure up for your new SWS SeceuroGlide Garage Door.

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How to Measure

Why choose an automated garage door from SWS UK

A name you can trust

CE MarkedWhen buying a SeceuroGlide door you can be reassured by the values behind the name. Every SeceuroGlide door is CE marked and SWS UK is an ISO 9001:2000 assessed company.

A perfect fit

With every door made to measure exactly to the mm, SeceuroGlide garage doors are the truly bespoke choice for your garage.

Made in the UKManufactured in the UK

Using the latest machinery and equipment, all SeceuroGlide doors are proudly manufactured and assembled in the UK.

A solution for everyone

With so much choice SeceuroGlide doors can accommodate almost every garage. Whether you have limited headroom, require manual operation or are looking for tried and tested security, there is a SeceuroGlide door that’s right for you.

Engineered to perfection

Through continuous development and specialist engineering, SeceuroGlide Garage Doors offer unrivalled quality and the most advanced garage door specifications.

5 Year Warranty5 Year Warranty

The SeceuroGlide range of Roller Garage Doors offer a 5 Year Warranty, exclusive to the UK roller garage door market.

Peace-of-Mind Warranties

All SeceuroGlide Garage Door products are guaranteed against defect of material or workmanship by SWS UK, subject to correct installation, maintenance and operation, for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase (Vertico carries a 2 year warranty).

In addition, Rosewood, Mahogany and Golden Oak Textured Woodgrain finishes carry a limited 10 year guarantee.

Somfy 5 year guaranteeThe Somfy Motor carries a 5 year guarantee.

SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Doors

Put simply, roller garage doors are vertically operating doors that roll up inside a box above the garage door opening, concealing everything from view. As they need little space, they’re great for smaller garages and making the best of your availble space.

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SeceuroGlide Vertico Garage Doors

Horizontally running garage door offer a unique solution for any garage. Because the door opens horizontally, you can open it partially – a convenient solution for bicycle and pedestrian access. What’s more they require very little space for installation.

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Our product ranges

SecueroGlide Garage Doors

Explore our range of automated garage doors, including the UK’s first range of insulated roller garage doors.

SeceuroShield Physical Security

Our flagship range of physical security products includes security shutters window shutters, retractable gates and removable bars offering effective protection for businesses and home security.

SeceuroFire Fire Protection

Our range of fire rated protection systems includes our recess fitted automatic flame curtain and our fire rated steel shutters providing reliable protection in the event of a fire.

SeceuroDoor Industrial Doors

Explore our range of steel commercial, insulated and 3 phase industrial doors or choose from our approved industrial shutters to effectively secure your business.