SWS UK Customer Reviews

Just a quality product, there are some cheap alternatives on the market. It was well fitted by the installer and the quality is clear to see.

Customer of Freelance Entry Solutions Ltd

– 15-04-2021

The failure of a cheaper garage door (no safety strip at bottom) meant we needed a new garage door. I was Impressed by the safety, security and quality aspects of SeceuroGlide.

Customer of Access & Security Systems Ltd

– 14-04-2021

We wanted roller rather than up-and-over, for convenience and space saving. The installer recommended SeceuroGlide as being the highest quality and we love it!

Customer of Doormatic

– 14-04-2021

Having seen one fitted locally, I thought how good they looked. The security is great and the insulated door slats provide a good seal against weather elements. They looks stylish too.

Customer of ALL-TECH(Midlands)Ltd

– 13-04-2021

The quality of my SeceuroGlide is fantastic.

Customer of Forest Garage Doors & Windows

– 14-04-2021

Quality workmanship and a great looking finish!

Customer of Stanton Doors

– 12-04-2021

SeceuroGlide is a high quality product with excellent reviews and great safety approval.

Customer of Garage Door & Automation Company Ltd

– 12-04-2021

My husband has parkinson's but SeceuroGlide is so easy to use. The product looks good too.

Customer of CS Garage Doors Ltd

– 10-03-2021

I love the Security and Ease of Access (I can now enter the garage from the house when the garage door is open, whereas previously with the up and over I couldn't).

Customer of Garage Door and Gate

– 02-04-2021

I needed to repair/replace my existing roller shutter door. Having the security and safety features on the SeceuroGlide Garage Door, I decided it was the one for me and ordered it there and then.

Customer of A-Door Solutions

– 07-04-2021

The security features where very important to us when choosing the doors. Really love the clean smart look they have.

Customer of Complete Garage Door Services

– 09-04-2021

Having now seen the finished installation I am impressed with it's neatness and appearance.

Customer of Right Choice Garage Doors Ltd

– 09-04-2021

SeceuroGlide is secure and easy to operate. Also easy on the eye!

Customer of CA Security Shutters Ltd

– 02-03-2021

Well put together and premium quality

Customer of PBH Garage Doors

– 05-03-2021

Insulated door in the RAL colour of choice with great security.

Customer of D R Garage Doors & Carports

– 09-03-2021

We only had limited headroom in the garage so the SeceuroGlide Compact was perfect for us. The courtesy lights and manual overrides are also great features to have.

Customer of NDC Garage Doors

– 11-03-2021

High quality product from long established manufacturer. Plus, Secured by Design as standard!

Customer of Cetra Security

– 11-03-2021

Really pleased with the door. It's a great product

Customer of Access Garage Doors Ltd

– 13-03-2021

SeceuroGlide has great safety features.

Customer of Grantham Garage Door Company

– 14-03-2021

I would highly recommend both the door and the company who fitted it. It does exactly what I need it to do and I have benefitted from having extra width at the entrance, making it easier for me to get the car in and out of the garage.

Customer of Highland Roller Doors

– 16-03-2021

We love the low maintenance aspect of SeceuroGlide. Our old door would have peeling paint and it was noisy. Also the added safety features and space saving aspect are great.

Customer of Doormatic

– 17-03-2021

Perfect door!

Customer of The Garage Door Centre Ltd

– 22-03-2021

Security, good appearance and excellent product. Installers were exceptional. Made sure everything was as it should be. Made sure customer was happy.

Customer of South West Garage Doors Ltd

– 25-04-2019

Security, colour to match our front door, good quality and neat finish to the door. We are impressed with the quiet operation of the door, and the safety feature of stopping as soon as touching an object.

Customer of Garage Door & Auto Exeter

– 26-04-2019

This was a replacement door for an up & over, which had been damaged. To have improved features such as better security, ease of use, aesthetically much more pleasing. Highly recommend to any friends/relatives.

Customer of Snapes

– 11-04-2019

We had one before (fitted by the same company) at our previous home and were very happy with it. We wanted the convenience of the remote control, together with the great streamlined look of the door. Lovely product.

Customer of Garage Door & Auto Bristol

– 18-04-2019

Chosen for the security features, controllable and easy access using a remote, ensuring the garage is secure when the door is closed.

Customer of NDC Garage Doors

– 10-02-2019

Ease of use, security, attractive - had one before and were pleased with it. Installed professionally, effectively, and without fuss.

Customer of Active Security UK Ltd

– 06-02-2019

I liked the range of colours, advice from supplier and able to see samples of door in operation. Very happy so far with all aspects of our purchase and installation

Customer of Tayside Garage Doors

– 06-02-2019

Takes up less space than an 'up & over' door. Safety regarding sensor feature. Appearance. No hard sell from company rep but thorough information given and all questions easily answered. Polite and prompt service from beginning to end.

Customer of Access Garage Doors

– 05-02-2019

My previous door, from another Sheffield company, had always been unsatisfactory, noisy, juddering etc. This new one looked better quality. I am delighted with my new SeceuroGlide door...smooth and silent running.

Customer of Saxon Garage Doors

– 01-02-2019

Quality of materials. Security. Appearance. Seven year warranty. We are delighted with our new door. It's exactly what it says on the tin!

Customer of Access Garage Doors

– 22-01-2019

This door replaced a broken, heavy, up and over metal door. The new door looks smart, functional and easy to use.

Customer of Essex Garage Doors

– 22-01-2019

It’s very secure and needs little space to open. The colour was matched to our front door and we are really happy with the match. People fitting it were kind and thoughtful, they cleared afterwards and did a fantastic job. We're really pleased.

Customer of Eastern Garage Doors

– 15-01-2019

Looks good, automation & easy operation & maintenance. Installer went above & beyond to ensure a good fit after 20 year old up & over garage door was removed and the frame was far from straight.

Customer of Essex Garage Doors Ltd

– 10-01-2019

Very professional honest and informative information from Active Security UK. Reassuring security features. Quality installation with great workmanship. Very pleased with the whole process.

Customer of Active Security UK Ltd

– 11-01-2019

Secured with locking pins, automated and stylish. Absolutely love my new garage door and the installers were brilliant

Customer of D4 Doors Ltd

– 04-01-2019

Good Insulating properties, simple operation and the finish matched in with cladding on the house. Feels like I've moved from the dark ages to the space age!

Customer of Secure Door Services

– 04-01-2019

The remote control the quality of your product and the smoothness in operation were key factors as well as the space saved in my garage as a consequence of the roller feature. You provide an excellent product which I have recommended to a friend.

Customer of John Briars Garage Doors

– 04-01-2019

We chose our SeceuroGlide because of automation - so much more convenient and easier. Extra space - compared to up and overs. Installation was carried out well and at the time promised.

Customer of Cornwall Garage Door Centre Ltd

– 18-12-2018

I have had two similar SeceuroGlide doors, previously, for 14 trouble free years---it was natural when I removed the central pillar of my double garage that I remained with the same reliable make.

Customer of Access & Security Systems Ltd

– 14-12-2018

The door is quicker opening and closing, quieter,and stronger than my previous door.

Customer of Forest Garage Doors

– 17-12-2018

Great finish to the door and looks fantastic. Simon from Prestige did not leave until he was happy with the installation. He did a great job.

Customer of Prestige Garage Doors

– 18-11-2018

Secure door and very happy with the product.

Customer of Dragon Garage Doors

– 21-11-2018

Much neater than the garage door that we had and it has given more room and heat in garage.

Customer of Capital Garage Doors

– 13-11-2018

Slightly wider entrance width as fitted flush with brickwork, slightly longer usable length due to vertical operation, sealed preventing dust, leaves and mice getting in, added security, neat and good looks, convenient. Enjoying using it!

Customer of Access Garage Doors Ltd

– 11-11-2018

The fact that the door sections are insulated was a key benefit, as well as the security and warranty. We are very pleased with the operation of the door.

Customer of All-Tech (Midlands) Ltd

– 23-10-2018

Chosen for the automatic features & quality. An excellent installer was recommended to us.

Customer of Shutter Spec Security

– 15-10-2018

We wanted to replace our up-and-over doors with roller doors and SeceuroGlide had the features and colour we required, had a good warranty and was recommended by our installer.

Customer of John Briars Garage Doors Ltd

– 19-09-2018

Security features and excellent quality. Both our neighbours to each side have the same doors. A very easy process and we like the look and operation of the product.

Customer of All-Tech (Midlands) Ltd

– 07-09-2018

Excellent product.

Customer of Tayside Garage Doors Ltd

– 25-09-2018

Good automation and security. Good colour match with existing colour scheme.

Customer of Solent Garage Doors

– 07-09-2018

Good looking product, easy to use, plus added security. Admired by our neighbours.

Customer of The Garage Door Centre Three Counties

– 04-09-2018

Recommended by a friend. Very satisfied with overall look of doors

Customer of Russel Millar Ltd

– 04-09-2018

The door is neat fits well is quiet in operation is draft proof and safe. - when it comes down it has sensors so my cat who likes to wander back and forward under the descending door is reasonably safe.

Customer of Garage Door & Automation Truro

– 04-07-2018

Reliable and easy to operate Good looking and secure. Withstanding the Scottish weather quite well!

Customer of Tayside Garage Doors Ltd

– 01-07-2018

Great Great Great!

Customer of The Garage Door Centre Ltd

– 28-06-2018

Securely fitted easy to operate and the door being insulated has made a huge difference to my garage which was draughty and cold.

Customer of Garage Door & Gate Co NE

– 25-06-2018

My son recommend me to buy one as he has just had one fitted. My neighbor after seeing mine is now buying one!

Customer of Allied Garage Doors

– 22-06-2018

I wanted a garage door that opened properly and easily as my old one was anything but this. To have an electric door makes my life so much easier and the fact that it is so secure is very important to me.

Customer of NDC Garage Doors

– 20-06-2018

These doors are so smart and easy to use. They are secure and put your mind at rest with their holiday mode.

Customer of UK Security Shutters Ltd – 19-06-2018

Easy to operate, very secure, can open door as your drive towards it. Very good

Customer of Attenborough Doors Ltd

– 15-06-2018

Delighted with the product, and wish that I had done this several years ago! Thank you, an excellent product!

Customer of Scot Engineering

– 14-06-2018

Smart looking product with an excellent guarantee.

Customer of ABI Garage Doors Ltd

– 13-06-2018

Security, safety and smooth operation. Overall quality and finish is outstanding.

Customer of Northern Doors

– 13-06-2018

Secure Door, Increased Garage Interior Space, Remote Operation, Range of Colours, Almost silent operation, quick installation, quick lead time, very good build quality.

Customer of Shutter Spec Security

– 12-06-2018

Endorsed by the police as one of the best you can get, the garage door looks great, and the cladding finishes it to a high standard. We would definitely recommend Seceuroglide doors.

Customer of Prestige Garage Doors

– 10-06-2018

(We now have) security, improved insulation/draft exclusion, convenience and improved usable storage in garage.

Customer of Garage Door & Gate Co NE Ltd

– 25-05-2018

Overall quality, insulation, smooth operation, weather sealing and manufacture warranty was the reason I choose the garage door.

Customer of Premier Garage Doors

– 25-04-2018

The convenience of a remote controlled roller door was the main benefit. I trusted my supplier/fitter who said he used your doors and did the ordering. I am happy with the result the garage is now more secure and we have more room at the sides of the

Customer of Capital Garage Doors

– 30-04-2018

The SeceuroGlide has good safety features and smoothness in operation.

Customer of Access Garage Doors Ltd

– 03-05-2018

Looked excellent quality when looked at same door being installed near me. Within 2 hours of door being installed 4 people passing asked me about it and who fitted it

Customer of Lincs Garage Door Services

– 04-05-2018

It has to be said its no the cheapest on the market but I have to say I am glad I went for it, the build quality is really excellent, it works really well too and looks smashing.

Customer of UK Security Shutters Ltd

– 06-05-2018

We had a SeceuroGlude on our last house, found to be excellent quality without any issues, brought another pair for our new house without hesitation. Excellent product with good value for money, extremely happy. Big thumbs up

Customer of Lincs Garage Door Services

– 18-04-2018

We wanted the convenience factor of this type of door - the appearance, security features and insulation properties were an added bonus when making our choice - the door is quiet in operation too

Customer of Associated Garage Doors

– 15-03-2018

Having been a previous customer, purchased the door for our new house, proven security and style. Great colour range, matching our new modern windows

Customer of Scot Engineering

– 15-03-2018

It is the best garage door we have had

Customer of Attenborough Doors Ltd

– 22-01-2018

I'm very pleased with the outcome. The new door is stunning compared to the two original up and over doors.

Customer of The Shutter Repair & Maintenance Co

– 14-03-2018

The door looks brilliant and works well. It will be a lot easier than opening my old up and over door.

Customer of Colgate Garage Doors Ltd

– 14-03-2018

Fantastic product, will recommend to anyone! Well worth the money!

Customer of Access & Security Systems Ltd

– 29-01-2018

Impressed by next door neighbour's installation, which prompted me to buy a new garage door. In particular, I love the roller feature of the new door, compared with a standard up-and-over

Customer of A-Door Solutions Ltd

– 16-03-2018

A door that can be used easily by my disabled wife

Customer of Tayside Garage Doors Ltd

– 01-03-2018

I was impressed with the specification of every aspect of these doors, now fitted the pair of them on my double garage have enhanced the appearance considerably.

Customer of Anglia Door Services Ltd

– 22-01-2018

The door colour was chosen to match our new front door and is an almost perfect match.

Customer of Capital Garage Doors

– 07-03-2018

Easy to use - very happy customer

Customer of Colgate Garage Doors Ltd

– 05-03-2018

British made. Good warranty. Good cosmetic finish.

Customer of Shenstone Garage Door

– 07-03-2018

The door was made to measure and fitted exactly how I wanted it to, giving maximum width for entry into the garage. A good colour range at no extra cost. Overall I am very pleased with the garage door.

Customer of UK Security Shutters Ltd

– 06-02-2018

Wonderful door fitted by a fantastic company very impressed

Customer of A-Door Solutions Ltd

– 08-02-2018

Great roller door gives maximum head room and easy access.

Customer of Tayside Garage Doors

– 12-02-2018

A high quality secure product that takes up very little space in the garage.

Customer of John Briar's Garage Doors Ltd

– 12-02-2018

I liked the look of the doors and it was exactly what I was looking for. The way it rolls up into such a small space is fantastic. Really pleased with the end result.

Customer of Access Garage Doors

– 14-02-2018

Good security and very easy to use

Customer of Bramble & Co

– 11-01-2018

The construction, security, warranty all seemed excellent, as well as colour choices. The insulation was a bonus but important as there are two bedrooms over the garage. Our doors were fitted yesterday and we are delighted!

Customer of Central Garage Doors NW Ltd

– 10-01-2018

The finish is excellent and the door action is very smooth

Customer of The Garage Door Centre Ltd

– 05-01-2018

The security features were the most important reason for choosing SeceuroGlide

Customer of Northern Doors

– 03-01-2018

Good security, easy to use and makes it easier to get the car in the garage

Customer of Mansfield Garage Doors

– 25-12-2017

They are more secure, convenient, smart appearance, very compact neat unit, good insulation - they ticked all our boxes!

Customer of Door Centre North East

– 21-12-2017

The original up and over door was getting old and heavy to lift and we are getting older making the job of opening harder. The idea of a roller door appealed to us because of it's security, ease of use, style and value.

Customer of Capital Garage Doors

– 11-10-2017

Security gives peace of mind. The remote control access to door makes life so much easier for us. Love the Fir Green colour with the Rosewood trim , which compliments our home beautifully.

Customer of Tayside Garage Doors

– 11-10-2017

Very pleased with appearance, performance and ease of use of product.

Customer of Shutter Spec Security

– 11-10-2017

We wanted an internal roller door for our garage as part of a workshop conversion. The SeceuroGlide door provided a great solution to improving the thermal insulation and security of the garage doors without changing the external appearance of the ex


Customer of Garage Doors Northern – 29-09-2017

A quality product at a great price. We purchased another door for our son at the same time, he is as delighted as we are. We recommended your products to three more friends/neighbours within two days of it's installation, they were so impressed with


Customer of Cornwall Garage Door Centre – 20-09-2017

I chose SWS door because I like the fact that it was very secure due to the locking mechanism, also the Rosewood finish is first class, the extended life of the motor to 7 years was a bonus, and the door finish warranty of 10 years were all part of o

Customer of Tayside Garage Doors Ltd

John Clark – 02-09-2017

A great product well manufactured, after install you would have no idea it had just been fitted. perfect fit perfect finish.

Customer of NDC Garage Doors

PETER BUDD – 05-09-2017

Impressed with the quality and we wanted electric. excellent job done

Customer of Premier Garage Doors

Paul Nicholson – 05-09-2017

Very pleased with the new door. It's secure, easy to use and made to measure

Customer of Prestige Garage Doors

Peter Chrismas – 05-09-2017

Excellent product. It enhances the look of property. (I love the) Automation,security and ease of use

Customer of Access Garage Doors Ltd

Luke L Campbell – 06-09-2017

Very pleased (with the) security, automation and value for money

Customer of Access Garage Doors Ltd

Alan Carroll – 07-09-2017

A Wonderful door Fitted by a very professional company

Customer of A-Door Solutions Ltd

Mr Ferguson – 08-09-2017

Delighted with the new door (and the) quality of materials used

Customr of Bramble & Co

Alfred Anstee – 08-09-2017

Good quality product for the right price. space saving and easy to operate.

Customer of UK Security Shutters Ltd

Mr James Kirkham – 09-09-2017

Security, durability and reliability in a neat package (i wanted headroom back as i previously had an up-and-over double door), although the pricing was as the top end of my budget i am very pleased with it, and it is good value for money.

Customer of Lincs Garage Door Services

Mr Peter Walsh – 12-09-2017

I am just so pleased with my new garage door, I wish I had one years ago.

Customer of UK Shutters Ltd

J. M. Egerton – 13-09-2017

The quality of the door and features of the door are better than any others I viewed

Customer of The Garage Door Centre

Neil Osborne – 13-09-2017

We liked the good choice of colours and the security

Customer of Colgate Garage Doors

– 16-09-2017

(We love the) ease of use, good safety and security features

Customer of Dragon Garage Doors

– 16-09-2017

We are very impressed with the high quality of the garage doors, the smooth running of the roller and the lights are an added bonus. It 's all extremely high standards, easy to use and we love the slim remote controls.

Customer of Well Hung Garage Doors

– 15-09-2017

An electrically operated garage door, with remote control and added security at a very reasonable price - speaks for itself really!

Customer of Shutter Spec Security

– 08-08-2017

In order to maximise all possible storage space I replaced my up and over door with a roller door. Looks great and very very pleased with it so far.

Customer of Freelance Entry Solutions

Liz Goss – 02-08-2017

The door looks fantastic, matches my front door and transforms the front of the house. The mechanism is smooth and silent.

Customer of Essex Garage Doors Ltd

– 11-08-2017

Great product. Impressed with the quality, security and most importantly the safety features

Customer of Shutter Spec Security

– 12-08-2017

Very impressed with the products safety feature with the sensor break on the rubber seal to stop the motor action if obstruction is in the way. Love the colour match to new builds windows and doors

Customer of Tayside Garage Doors Ltd

– 12-08-2017