SeceuroGlide Original

The original insulated roller garage door - now Secured by Design. Manufactured in the UK since 1997.

Since its launch in 1997 as the first insulated roller garage door designed specifically for trade specialists, SeceuroGlide Original has maintained its position as market leader through continuous development and innovation.

Manufactured from tough twin-walled aluminium slats with an insulating core, the roller door curtain is held in place with high performance webbing that gives extremely quiet operation and is rarely affected by temperature extremes. A strong extruded top slat and our unique locking mechanism also effectively resists attack from would-be intruders.

SeceuroGlide Original Garage Doors are available in a choice of 18 paint or wood-effect finishes and over 40 textured woodgrain finishes, allowing you to match your door to existing paintwork or double-glazing for a coordinated look to your home. Since its launch in 1997, the SeceuroGlide Original roller door has been made in the UK.

Each high-quality automatic door is supplied with a single channel SeceuroSense receiver with built-in courtesy light, two key fob transmitters, a bottom slat safety sensor and an internal manual override. An optional alarm can also be specified. The SeceuroGlide is also available as a manual roller garage door.

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Innovative Design and Quality Construction


Learn more about what goes into our most popular roller garage door, in this quick animated video.      


Secured by Design as Standard

As part of continuous product development, our SeceuroGlide Original Roller Garage Door is now Secured by Design (SBD) as standard.

The police-preferred specification has been operating since 1989 and SBD developments boast a reduction of 87 per cent in crime on new developments and are up to 75 per cent less likely to be burgled.

What do security ratings mean?

Learn more about the pass requirements behind the police security certification Secured by Design. Read More


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Engineered from the inside out

Use the interactive diagram below to learn more about the SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door with our 9-point guide.

SeceuroGlide Choice

SeceuroGlide can be ordered with either a full, half or no box. SeceuroGlide Compact comes with either a half or full box.


SeceuroDrive range of powerful motors make a reliable choice for SeceuroGlide roller garage doors – even better with an extended 7 year warranty.

Courtesy Light

Making your garage a safer place when parking at night SeceuroGlide utilises the tried and tested SeceuroSense Plus control unit, which combines a courtesy light with both remote and push control functions.

Secure Locking

SeceuroGlide offers unrivalled security. A unique end plate system secures the door shut every time and means the door will resist even a determined intruder.

Space Saving

Tighter, space-saving coiling is created through unique helical collars whilst specially flanged rollers limit any lateral movement of the curtain. Leaving more space in your garage door for you.

Remote Control

Choose two remotes from our wide choice of remote controls with every door purchased. Open your door without leaving the car.

Maximum Weather Protection

SeceuroGlide is engineered to block cold draughts and keep your garage warm and usable with guide rails that are lined with a dense brush strip and a shaped rubber seal on the bottom slat.

Never Be Locked In

Every SeceuroGlide comes supplied with a simple manual override crank, ensuring you will never be accidentally locked in your garage – even in a power cut.

Peace of Mind

A special Vacation Mode activated from your control panel prevents an intruder from operating the door from the inside without a hand transmitter.

Unique to SeceuroGlide

With continuous development the SeceuroGlide range of garage doors boast many unique safety, security and design features. Through curtain, end plate and guide rail engineering SeceuroGlide Doors benefit from enhanced strength, reduced noise and better insulation

The Benefits of Slats

The individual slat system has numerous advantages. Alongside the minimal space requirements compared to panel and up-and-over options you will benefit from smooth, quiet operation and if your door becomes damaged only the slats that are marked or dented need to be replaced.

Options & Accessories

Optional extras & accessories available for your SeceuroGlide Original Garage Door.


The optional SeceuroSeal helps reduce further water ingress, keeping the garage dry and clean from outside debris -even in the worst British weather. Fitted on the ground underneath the door, SeceuroSeal is ideal for garages with uneven floors or those that lie at the bottom of a sloping driveway. 

Close up of Green roller doors with Vision Slats at top

Vision Slats

Vision slats allow natural light into your garage and are supplied complete with glazing. They are available 'inline' or as a brick-bond pattern. On woodgrain doors vision slats will be supplied in a brown finish. Important note: In the event of extreme weather conditions, the vision slats will be susceptible to water ingress.

Sloping Bottom Slat

The ideal solution for garages built on a slope. Our innovative sloping bottom slat provides the perfect fit on inclines of up to 250 mm.

Vented Slats

Vented slats allow good air circulation which is especially useful if you have laundry facilities in your garage and during the summer months. Vented slats are located at the very bottom of the door.

Remote Control Keypad

The remote control key pad provides you with a secure, alternative option for controlling your door. Suitable for external installation, this wireless controller offers convenience without compromising security.

Powercoating Endplates for SWS Roller door

Powder Coated End Plates

When you order a half or full box enjoy complimentary powder coated end plates to ensure your door is fully matched. Plus, when you choose one of our woodgrain colours this is complimentary regardless of box choice and will be done in a colour closely resembling your door.

Person using Low Level Over Ride Kit

Low Level External Override Kit

The low level external override kit enables the door to be opened manually in emergencies from both the inside and outside of the garage. If the garage door is the only means of entry you will require a low level external override kit.

compact closeup

Full Box

A full box completely conceals the roll. This option allows SeceuroGlide Original and SeceuroGlide Compact doors to be fitted outside the garage. Boxes are supplied in white or brown as standard. They can also be supplied in any of the plain colour finishes or painted woodgrain finishes for an additional surcharge.

Lighting Alarms on closed SWS Roller doors

Lighting & Alarms

We offer a range of LED lighting and alarm options which are a perfect complement to your roller garage door.

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Matching SeceuroGlide Classic Roller Doors in green

Matching Guides

Now comes with free matched colour guides including painted woodgrains, to create the perfect visual appearance for your door. (Not available with Renolit Finishes).  

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A Finish to Suit Everyone

Our extensive SeceuroGlide range is all about choice; choice of style, choice of specification, choice of accessories, choice of technology, choice of finish and choice of colour. We offer a wide range of RAL colours which cover the following:

Standard Classic Colours

Our wide range of traditional colours allows you to choose the perfect colour to suit your home. Whether bold or understated, a traditional colour will enhance your property.

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Complement your existing windows and doors with your choice of a wide range of textured woodgrain or painted woodgrain finishes including Rosewood, Golden Oak and Irish Oak.

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Undecided on your perfect colour? 

Visit our state-of-the-art door designer over at our SeceuroGlide Garage Door website. Upload a photo of your garage and try SeceuroGlide in different colours to find the perfect look for you and your home.


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Bespoke RAL Colours

The SeceuroGlide range is also available in a powder coated finish, giving you the ultimate choice!

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Undecided on your perfect colour? 

Visit our state-of-the-art door designer over at our SeceuroGlide Garage Door website. Upload a photo of your garage and try SeceuroGlide in different colours to find the perfect look for you and your home.


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The SMART Control For Your Garage Door

Connect+ allows total control of your SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door via telephone calls and text messages. Our SeceuroGlide Connect+ System is the next step in garage door technology.

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Phone Control For Your Garage Door

SeceuroGlide Connect allows connection through a Wi-Fi router with any terminal using remote access via internet or Ethernet. SeceuroGlide Connect enables you to use your smart phone like a normal transmitter.

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Headroom Requirements

The SeceuroGlide Classic requires a minimum of 300 mm headroom for doors up to 2500 mm in opening height and 350 mm headroom for doors up to 3500 mm opening height.

External Doors

In applications where the door is installed externally the remote control system must be installed either inside the garage or in a waterproof box (not included).

The bottom slat transmitter must always be installed on the internal face of the door and is not suitable for applications where it will be exposed to weather or excessive moisture due to condensation.

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Extreme Weather Conditions

High winds and high temperatures on double doors can cause increased deflection of the door. It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure that the door is spaced off the wall sufficiently to allow for door movement during these extreme weather conditions.