SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Doors
Original thinking SeceuroGlide sectional

SeceuroGlide Garage Doors Made in the UK

Front Mounted System

As the standard installed system on the SeceuroGlide Sectional Plus, the front mounted system ensures ease of use on doors up to 5 metres wide.


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The Anatomy of SeceuroGlide Sectional

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  • Sleek Design

    Sleek Design

    The interior of every door is completed with a white stucco finish and white coated hinges giving your door a cleaner finish and style inside and out.

  • The Ultimate Space-Saver

    The Ultimate Space-Saver

    The SeceuroGlide Sectional headroom options make this the ideal choice for any garage space.

  • Security Built-in

    Security Built-in

    The security & locking system built into the SeceuroGlide Sectional ensures security and peace of mind.

Original Thinking SeceuroGlide Sectional


Mounted to the ceiling of the garage, the motor operates quickly and quietly in even the most arduous of installations the Dexxo Pro is tested over 35,000 cycles.

Have it your way

A comprehensive range of accessories are available to enhance the automation of your garage door. You can select a control most suitable for you from a convenient key-ring transmitter, wall switch or radio keypad.

Peace of Mind

The motor is fitted with an automatic stop if an obstacle is encountered offering you compete safety and peace of mind.

Fully CE Marked

SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Doors are fully compliant with all European approach directives and product safety standards and are CE marked to demonstrate their compliance.

How to buy

We supply via a network of professional national installers

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