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Security Gates & Grilles

Designed to keep intruders out while letting maximum light in, they are perfect for vulnerable ground floor windows on doors, for domestic, retail or commercial premises.

Elegant good looks with a heart of steel - the SeceuroGuard retractable security gate system combines a classic appearance with the highest level of protection, ideal for your home or workplace.

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Versatile security from SWS UK

Security facts - did you know…

“The goal of physical security is to convince potential attackers that the likely cost of attack exceeds the value of making the attack in the first place.” Wikipedia

“Crime costs businesses £19 billions annually.” British Chamber of Commerce

“Every 37 seconds a house in Britain is burgled.”

“Retail crime cost £14 billion in 2011”

“Prevention is always better than cure. Always Deter, Delay, Detect, Deny”

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