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Because security doesn’t have to be ugly.

What I need:

  • I need to protect my premises outside of opening hours by deterring opportunist thieves and vandals
  • My products still need to be visible to potential customers, even when my business is closed
  • I need to protect my premises but the local planning laws have a very strict rules on shutters is there anything else
  • I have a specific corporate colour and brand that I would really like to be seen 24 hours a day

SeceuroShield has a solution

The 2009/2010 Retail Crime Survey carried out by the BRC reported a significant reduction in criminal damage compared to recent years with the reduction being largely attributed to retailers considerable investment to protect their businesses better. With the help of the SeceuroShield range these statistics can only become better – prevention is always better than cure.

High street or retail park, independent or multiple, crime prevention is a necessary consideration for all retailers. The SeceuroShield range of security takes the guesswork out of the security requirements for your premises. Let one of our approved distributors talk you through the options that meet your requirements so you can be safe in the knowledge that your premises are protected.


Retail Choice

  • LPCB approved and SBD products available
  • Available for both internal and external installation
  • Vision available
  • Electric or manual
  • Built-in and built-on options
  • Colour coding and branding options
  • Best advice from your local experts

Public Sector & Business

It’s our business to protect yours.

What I need:

  • I don’t want it to look unwelcoming when the security is in operation
  • I have high value products at ground floor level that I need to protect
  • I need easy operation of everything at the touch of a button
  • I need to be able to darken a room to provide a projected presentation effectively
  • I need the flexibility to lower shutters from my desk to stop glare from the sun on my computer screen
  • I need shading with shutters that can reduce our use of air conditioning in the summer

SeceuroShield has a solution

With a wide variety of security solutions, we make it our business to protect your business. The SeceuroShield range offers the widest variety of options available in one place, allowing us to fulfil your physical security needs without compromise. Whether you’re in the public or business sector, we know that no two requirements are quite the same. Designed and manufactured in the UK, each solution is made to measure so it’s an exact fit for you. A professional survey by one of our approved local distributors will allow them to assess your specific needs and present the selection of options available in an easy to understand format. SeceuroShield has the solution.

Public Sector & Business

Public Sector & Business Choice

  • LPCB approved and SBD products available
  • Available for both internal and external installation
  • Electric or manual
  • Insulated Shutters to provide shading
  • One touch control
  • Supplied and Installed by your local expert
  • Colour matching for seamless integration
  • Built-in and built-on options available


Total peace of mind for you and your family.

What I need:

  • Feel secure without compromising the look or style of my property
  • Have peace of mind that my property is secure
  • Reduce heat loss through windows and doors
  • Be cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • To darken a room at the touch of a button
  • Protect fabrics and furnishings from sun damage

According to British Crime Survey figures, there were an estimated 744,000 domestic burglaries carried out in England and Wales in 2008/2009.

SeceuroShield has a solution

Our homes are not simply the place in which we live; they are our most precious assets and a haven from the world outside. Research has shown that houses without any form of security are three times as likely to be broken into than homes with security systems. Therefore, protecting our homes has never been more important.

The SeceuroShield range of products combines easy operation with high performance to offer numerous options for any home. With a choice of insulated slats, extensive colours and even products which can be removed when not in use, security which blends into your lifestyle and the look of your home is more achievable than you may think.


Residential Choice

  • LPCB approved and SBD products available
  • Insulated shutters providing shading and heat retention
  • Electric or manual
  • Built-in or Built-on products
  • Seamless integration
  • Touch button control


Convenient protection for you and your staff

What I need:

  • To have a bar area as an operational room outside of licensed hours
  • To have the option to cover a servery area
  • To keep unauthorised personnel away from an area
  • A choice between solid or see-through shutters

SeceuroShield has a solution

Hotels, restaurants, canteens and kiosks all have areas which need to be quickly and efficiently fenced off and bar and servery hatches which need to be securely locked up outside of opening hours. Keep your products visible as well as secure with our choice of vision shutters and retractable gates, or choose a product with insulation benefits to increase your business’s energy efficiency. With an extensive choice of colours you can choose a product which blends into the corporate look of your business.


Hospitality Choice

  • LPCB approved and SBD products available
  • Full integration into the premises with a choice of colour and vision
  • Insulated slats offering sound reduction
  • Electric or manual operation
  • Remote control option to remove the need for switches easily pressed by unauthorised personnel

Other Applications

Versatile security with SeceuroShield

As well as traditional applications, the SeceuroShield range of products has proven to be extremely effective across many other projects. From animal enclosures to sheds, portable buildings, outhouses and cupboards, SeceuroShield security offers a versatile solution for almost any vulnerable opening or as an effective method of access control.

Other Applicatinons


  • LPCB approved and SBD products available
  • Manual or electric operation
  • Local expert advise for the right product
  • Full choice of colours and finishes

Further applications

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