Quality & Environment

SWS UK is a professional and environmentally conscious organisation, which acknowledges the impact that our operations may potentially have on the environment.

Quality & Environmental Policy

The company’s overall objective is to supply products and services of a quality that is assured against agreed specifications in a manner that is environmentally responsible, thereby consistently meeting the customer’s expectations first time.

To achieve this objective, the company operates an Integrated Management System conforming to the requirements of International Standards ISO:9001 and ISO:14001.

To support our commitment to continually improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, the senior management team consider risks and opportunities presented to the business and ensure measurable quality and environmental objectives are established and implemented at appropriate levels within the company.  These are reviewed as part of senior management’s business planning process.   

SWS UK will fully comply with the duties placed upon it within legal and other requirements, (e.g. agreements with neighbouring businesses/residents).  The company will take all practical steps to ensure that potential environmental hazards and risks are identified and that effective preventative actions and control measures are implemented.  The hazards and risks that have been identified may be communicated externally upon request.  SWS UK also considers the environmental impact of the goods we produce and offer advice to end users for end of life disposal of the products.

The Integrated Management System and the supporting policies and procedures are regularly audited and reviewed.  Any deficiencies are highlighted and rectified, in order to ensure that the system continues to comply with the requirements of both ISO:9001 and ISO:14001.

This policy is communicated to employees as part of their induction training and continuing development, and will be reviewed by the management on at least an annual basis.  All employees will be provided with the necessary resources, equipment, information, instruction and training to fulfill the requirements of this policy.


Correct Disposal of Product Packaging - Installer Advice

All the packaging supplied with our products is recyclable:

  • Cardboard boxes may be recycled with other card/paper based products
  • Plastic film and bubble wrap can be recycled together
  • Any foam protection pieces are made of polyethylene which can be recycled at specific sites nationally and can also be incinerated for energy recovery

If you do not have dedicated recycling facilities at your site you can find the nearest recycling centre for specific waste streams by visiting the recyclenow website at:  www.recyclenow.com

End of Life - Safe Disposal of your SWS UK Product

We hope and expect that your SWS UK product will give you many years of trouble-free service.  Inevitably, a time will come for replacement and, as part of our commitment to protecting the environment, we would like to offer you some advice about recycling the various components:

  • All metal parts may be recycled by a local scrap metal company
  • If your product is electrically operated then electronic items, (such as control units and motors), can be recycled at your nearest local authority waste centre along with other small electrical items
  • Plastic parts can also be recycled at your local authority waste centre with other hard plastics

The internet is a good source of information for recycling advice and some websites can locate alternative recycling facilities in your area.

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Chosen for the security features, controllable and easy access using a remote, ensuring the garage is secure when the door is closed.

Customer of NDC Garage Doors

– 10-02-2019

Ease of use, security, attractive - had one before and were pleased with it. Installed professionally, effectively, and without fuss.

Customer of Active Security UK Ltd

– 06-02-2019

I liked the range of colours, advice from supplier and able to see samples of door in operation. Very happy so far with all aspects of our purchase and installation

Customer of Tayside Garage Doors

– 06-02-2019

Takes up less space than an 'up & over' door. Safety regarding sensor feature. Appearance. No hard sell from company rep but thorough information given and all questions easily answered. Polite and prompt service from beginning to end.

Customer of Access Garage Doors

– 05-02-2019