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Flour Mill at Kircaldy Harbour

Location: Kirkcaldy (Fife)
Product range:  Commercial

About the project

These 3 Phase Roller Shutters were installed for a local flour milling company at their new mill at Kirkcaldy Harbour.

Four 3 Phase Roller Shutters have been fitted to the Bulk Flour Outload Building and provide access for two trucks to be loaded simultaneously. As the vehicle approaches the entrance, the driver opens the shutter via remote control, drives straight in and closes the shutter behind to prevent access to vermin and escape of dust. When loaded the driver opens the exit shutter and drives out. The shutter closes automatically.

The total project consisted of four 3 Phase Roller Shutters with multichannel remote control at the Bulk Flour Outload, plus two smaller roller shutters

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Product Information

Application: Commercial

This project was submitted by Fife Shutters