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Insurance Approved Retractable Gates to Secure Tool Bank Premises

Location: Leeds (Yorkshire)
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SWS UK Distributor QSec have a very close relationship with Surepark Installations a company that supply and install all types of anti- ram bollards and barriers nationally. They had a new contract to protect a very large warehouse near Leeds that would be filled with stock for the company Tool Bank.  Surepark had been instructed to secure the external areas of the building that may be vulnerable to ram raiding using heavy duty anti ram bollards and hoop barriers. They had also been asked if they could recommend a local company that could also provide security for the doors and windows. 

Surepark contacted QSec for some advice that met the standard the insurance company had issued to them.  This stipulated that the windows and doors must be secured with insurance approved retractable grilles and that the fire doors to have hinge bolts and external steel sheets fitted using non-returnable security screws and retractable grilles.  This was all very straight forward for QSec and we quoted for the Seceuroguard 1001 Insurance Approved Retractable Security Grille.  They were awarded the contract working alongside Surepark Installations.

All the ground floor windows had already been secured with external galvanised steel roller shutters, but as the stock was of such high value the insurance company insisted that all the first floor windows must also be secured with an insurance rated grille. Tool Bank also requested that the grilles if possible should be powder coated in their company colour of blue RAL 5002.  

The first floor windows would be relatively straight forward to install having the grilles fit neatly within the window reveals, with the added bonus of securing them into steel for an extremely strong fastening. The fire doors on the ground floor would need to have full clear access. The grilles when installed had to allow for the opening to not be impeded in anyway when opened. This meant the grille would have to be face fixed over the opening with the stack sitting fully past the opening when the grille was opened, a lift up track would also be needed.

The day of installation came and everything went to plan with all the security products being completed in less than two days. The customer was very pleased with the quality of the security grilles, the installation and especially the colour which was spot on!  With future plans for more expansion QSec are confident that they will be working to secure more buildings for Tool Bank very soon.

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SeceuroGuard 1001 Insurance Approved Gates

Application: Commercial

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