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Sloping Bottom Slat Ensures a Perfect Fit

Location: Launceston, Cornwall, England
Product range:  SeceuroDoor 75

Product Information

Product: SeceuroDoor 75 22g Industrial Shutter

Finish: Galvanised

Application: Horizon Plastics - New Storage Unit

Location: Launceston, Cornwall

This project was submitted by South West Group

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A troublesome opening in a new, industrial unit has recently been made secure with a robust roller shutter from the SeceuroDoor range of industrial shutters. With a noticeable incline in the ground beneath the opening, an innovative sloping bottom slat was added, ensuring a perfect fit despite the unusual conditions.

The Client

Based in Launceston, in the South-West of the country, Horizon Plastics supplies the trade and DIY market with building plastics for the production of windows, guttering, cladding, and other specialist products.

The Project

Horizon Plastics' premises had recently benefited from a new unit that had been purpose-built to store the company’s valuable stock and materials. The unit included a large opening, measuring approximately 5m x 5m which would allow frequent forklift access, in addition to serving as a loading bay for the company’s lorries and vans.

A roller shutter was required to secure the stock, both when access was not required and when the premises were closed. And with anticipated daily movements of 30 openings/closures, the shutter would need to be of industrial strength with a robust, reliable motor.

Horizon Plastics contacted their local roller shutter distributor; South West Group which has branches in both Helston and Bodmin and is a long-established distributor of SWS UK’s products. After completing a full site survey, South West Group recommended the electric SeceuroDoor 75 22g Industrial Shutter with a GfA Safedrive 3 Phase motor. The high-performance shutter would be ideal for the company’s daily usage whilst providing strong, reliable security during the site’s non-operational hours.

An additional hurdle to overcome was the uneven ground below the shutter. A significant slope meant that a conventional bottom slat would have left a large gap, compromising security and protection from the elements. Horizon Plastics had considered having the ground levelled, so they were delighted when South West Group advised them it was possible to have a custom-made, sloping bottom slat made to secure the gap.

We manufactured a sloping T-rail which included a left-hand height offset of 250mm, complete with a galvanised finish to match the rest of the shutter.

The Installation

A team of two installers from South-West Group completed the installation in October in just six and a half hours. The thorough and accurate survey meant installation went without a hitch, allowing the shutter to be operational and the unit to be secured in less than a day.

The Outcome

The team at Horizon Plastics was delighted with the product and the excellent level of workmanship from South-West Group. They explained how they found it difficult to visualise how effective a sloping bottom slat would be, but how impressed they were with the neat, custom look once the roller shutter was installed. A made-to-measure industrial shutter has given them a perfect fit, keeping out intruders and harsh weather.

The Product: Tell Me More

The SeceuroDoor 75 Continental Shutter is a robust, roller shutter from our popular SeceuroDoor range of industrial shutters. It has a steel, scrolled slat profile and versatile manufacturing options that make it a popular choice for retail, commercial and industrial applications.

The Sloping Bottom Slat is perfect for when the ground is uneven, or it has an incline. This innovative slat can be manufactured with a gradient of up to 250mm and can be configured with either a wired or wireless safety edges.