SeceuroDoor Rapid Roll

A high-speed fabric door designed for commercial and industrial applications

The SeceuroDoor Rapid Roll is high-speed, fabric industrial door with excellent wind resistance, a robust self-repair facility, and a wide range of options and colours.

Two versions of the Rapid Roll are available; the standard and self-repair. Both use the same 160rpm GfA Safedrive motor and durable 900gsm PVC curtain. Designed with the installer in mind, the Rapid Roll curtain comes pre-rolled on the lightweight aluminium axle. 

All our bespoke bracketry inserts into a channel on the guide allowing you to manoeuvre them to overcome awkward onsite obstructions. Our unique 'spacer clip' which sits between the bearing and axle provides assurance that the door is installed correctly and within tolerance. 

The Rapid Roll not only benefits in terms of installation, but also comes in a range of colours (we have 2 colour areas; 1 curtain, 2 hardware and brackets, allowing you to create your own colour combinations), offering unique aesthetic and branding opportunities. Rapid Roll has been fully developed and tested in accordance with all relevant clauses/standards with BS EN 13241-1.

Lightweight aluminium axle, revolutionary spacer clip to ensure a perfect fit, curtain slides onto axle via a kador

Vertically sliding fixing bracket, 10mm horizontal slot allowing for on-site adjustment to guarantee the perfect install

All bracketry slides into the aluminium guide rails, optional bespoke photocell bracketry

Door leaf self-reset facility (self repair version only), Nylon zip side runners, clear PVC reinforcement strips to add strength and equalize the curtain while coiling

Specification at a Glance

Two Options: 

  • Standard - wind class 5
  • Self-Repair* - wind class 3

*Self-Repair - should the curtain be displaced from the guide channels, the operator simply opens the door fully, the door leaf will relocate into the guides on closing (no additional servicing is required)


  • Up to 5m (w) x 4.7m (h) clear opening
  • 300mm end plate
  • 300mm curtain hang down 

Curtain Options

  • Solid
  • Vision 


  • GfA Safedrive motor
  • Resistive safety edge
  • Photocell kit
  • Presence and/or motion detection kits

Rapid Roll Colours

Rapid Roll is available with a choice of 4 standard curtain colours (below), however you can also choose from 49 additional colours from the Mehler colour chart. 

RapidRoll RAL Colour 7037

Grey Mehler 763

RAL 7037

RapidRoll RAL Colour 5010

Blue Mehler 537

RAL 5010

RapidRoll RAL Colour 1021

Yellow Mehler 101

RAL 1021

RapidRoll RAL Colour 3000

Red Mehler 356

RAL 3000

GfA GA6/160 Safedrive FI: High-speed motor for fabric doors

Single or Three-Phase*

  • High level hand crank override
  • Low level chain override
  • Output torque: 160 Nm
  • Output speed: open 25-160rpm
  • Close > 2.5m: 25/110rpm
  • Close ≤ 2.5m: 80rpm
  • Motor power: 0.85kW
  • Max movements per hour: 45 (23)
  • Optional motor cover to suit
  • GfA TS971 controller as standard

*Full GfA options are available, i.e. radar systems, photocell kits (with bespoke bracketry, loop detectors etc). 


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