SeceuroDoor 95

Insulated industrial door

SeceuroDoor 95

This insulated steel profile is especially resistant to damage and reduces deflection. With the option of interior and exterior identical colour coating our insulated shutter can easily be blended into the look of any building yet is also available with a galvanised finish.

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

Minimal thermal bridges and the use of fine-pored PU rigid foam infill ensure good thermal insulation whilst curtain and sealing technology used around the entire shutter reduce noise from both inside and outside.

  • Heat transmission performance for an operational door unit 3.9 W/(m2 K)
  • Acoustic reduction rating of 27 dB
  • Max width 7000 mm
  • Max height 7000 mm
  • Your choice of motor
  • Choice of 4 guide arrangement options
  • Standard guide angle is 100 mm x 50 mm
  • Vision option available: 100 mm x 55 mm Clear Perspex
  • Vision Panel with a minimum of 200 mm space in between
  • Wind class rating: Class 3