NEW Colours Available for SeceuroShield 150/T

12 months ago

We recently upgraded our lightweight aluminium shutter, SeceuroShield 150 with a new, stronger slat; SeceuroShield 150/T. We are pleased to announce that the new slat is now available in a huge range of additional colours.

From grey to green and everything in between, you’ll be pleased to discover that the 150/T can now be ordered in a choice of 20 attractive finishes. Including cool blues, contemporary greys and earthy green, the bigger colour selection has something for all tastes, whether that be traditional, modern or neutral. Alternatively, customers can choose from two modern metallic finishes or even the elegant cedar woodgrain.

The lightweight design of the SeceuroShield 150/T makes it the perfect solution for homeowners who are looking to secure their property. In addition to its security properties, this affordable, compact roller shutter provides effective shading and light control, and benefits from a foam-filled slat, perfect for when sound and heat insulation are required. 

The new choice of contemporary colours are certain to increase SeceuroShield 150/T‘s appeal within the domestic market, with homeowners now having increased options to better match the roller shutter to the aesthetics of their property. 

Available immediately, the 150/T with its exciting new colours is set to replace the original SeceuroShield 150 slat profile.  Besides the greater choice of colours, the new profile features a slightly curvier design and is 2mm taller. However, despite its extra height the 150/T is lighter and boasts a denser insulating foam. This increases the sturdiness of the slat, enabling us to manufacture shutters up to 400mm wider.