NEW Installation Video for SWS UK’s SeceuroDoor Industrial Doors

3 months ago

SWS UK’s SeceuroDoor Industrial Doors boast some of the best fitter-friendly features in the industry. Now, product installation has become even easier, thanks to a brand-new instructional video.

Recently uploaded to the SWS UK’s YouTube channel and online ordering platform, SWS Online, the video can readily be downloaded or streamed by distributors. Just the first in a series of SeceuroDoor videos, this one demonstrates the most commonly used configuration, installation around the opening, using a direct drive motor. Clear, step-by-step instructions guide installers through each stage of installation while indicating the correct process for perfect results.

A SMART Installation Manual

Supporting the video is a newly updated installation manual. Fully interactive, the manual includes clickable links that cleverly take you to the video chapter that coincides with the page number in the guide.

The Perfect Partnership

Creating the perfect tool for on-site support, the new video and interactive manual will also provide an effective training asset for new installers, or for those looking for a refresher in SWS UK’s SeceuroDoor range.

And let’s not forget SWS UK’s impressive 24/7 technical support line. This service, paired with an ongoing investment in digital support further extends SWS UK’s commitment to dependable customer care.

SWS UK’s Marketing Manager, Chloe Wiggins said ‘We now have a collection of videos across our product range. As with our previous videos, feedback on this one has been excellent. This extra layer of on-site support is proving to be a valuable asset to our distributors, with the interactive instructions being particularly well-praised. Excitingly, we’re in the process of creating additional SeceuroDoor installation videos to demonstrate all the different operating methods – stay tuned for details!’

Click below to view the video: