NEW Video for SWS UK’s SeceuroGlide Compact Roller Garage Door

3 months ago

SWS UK has recently launched another innovative product video, adding to their growing library of digital content. This latest video features the industry’s first low-headroom garage door, the SeceuroGlide Compact.

Following a similar format to previous animations, including SWS UK’s most popular garage door, the SeceuroGlide Original, and the high-security SeceuroGlide Excel, this latest instalment is a fly-through of the SeceuroGlide Compact’s stand-out features and superior design.

Aimed at end-users, the short yet informative video is an effective selling tool to be used by distributors to highlight the Compact’s superior locking system and robust overall design.

‘At SWS UK we have recognised the requirement for strong, online content and we are thrilled with the impact our new videos are already having in the market.’  said SWS UK’s Marketing Manager, Chloe Wiggins. ‘The Compact is a popular product and this video demonstrates how it provides the ideal solution for garages with restricted headroom. Speaking of the SeceuroGlide animated series, distributors have told us that having a visual tool has been a game changer when trying to explain the differences in quality, safety and security between an SWS product and cheaper alternatives.’

Recognising the value of their digital content, dynamic SWS UK is keeping the momentum going with even more videos already in production.

View the SeceuroGlide Compact animated video below: