SWS UK’s Parent Company Acquires Italian Pergola Manufacturer

12 months ago

StellaGroup, the parent company behind leading manufacturer SWS UK, has recently announced the acquisition of Pratic, an Italian manufacturer of pergolas and awnings.

Pratic, which employs 300 people in the Friuli region of Northern Italy, specialises in the design and manufacture of pergolas and awnings and has been trading for over 60 years. Generating 40% of its sales abroad, PRATIC is a recognised brand that embodies the quality of its products and services to a customer base of professional installers.

This latest acquisition is a further testament to StellaGroup’s stability and resilience in what remains challenging economic times. Indeed, both StellaGroup and Pratic hope that the merger will see them become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of outdoor and sun protection products.

StellaGroup now boasts a presence in multiple European countries, including France, Germany, The Netherlands, Great Britain, and now Italy. Divided into three groups; Window Closure, Access and Outdoor, it achieved a turnover of 642 million Euros in 2022 and to date, employs 2500 people.

Like SWS UK, Pratic will invariably feel the benefits of being part of such a strong and dynamic group. Amongst other things, StellaGroup companies enjoy access to shared expertise, group buying power, and a connected association with an established and thriving business.