Latest Innovations for the SeceuroGlide Sectional Range

6 months ago

Following the launch of the new generation of SeceuroGlide Sectional garage doors, SWS UK have been delighted with the response they have received from their network of distributors.

SWS UK has now designed a brand-new consumer brochure which will showcase the SeceuroGlide Sectional’s excellent security features and extensive choice of finishes and accessories. With stunning imagery and wording which emphasises the benefits, the brochure helps the consumer to visualise how a SeceuroGlide Sectional will enhance their lifestyle and is certain to be a valuable selling tool for the company’s distributors.

SWS UK have also developed Anthracite Dura, a brand-new finish to complement the existing range. Unique to SWS UK, Anthracite Dura features the popular dark grey colour, yet incorporates a subtly textured finish, making it more resistant to marks, scratches or dirt. Available immediately, this new durable finish is particularly ideal for everyday family life. Samples are available from SWS UK’s Marketing department – Tel: 01524 772413.

Exciting new online configurator!

SWS UK distributors will soon have access to a brand-new online configurator for the SeceuroGlide Sectional range of garage doors. Distributors will be able to use the tool to design exact renders of their customer’s ideal configuration, aiding them to visualise their choice of colour and accessories before they place their order. This new, intuitive and easy-to-use design tool has been designed to assist SWS UK’s distributors in demonstrating the extensive choice available within the SeceuroGlide Sectional range, even allowing them to configure windows and framing kits, creating a truly realistic visual render.

New water-resistant packaging

Being such a prestige product, it was important to SWS UK that the packaging used on the Sectional door was also of the highest quality. They have now invested in a new, robust packing material which is water-resistant, meaning it won’t disintegrate when loading/unloading or whilst on site during installation.
For further information on any of the exciting new SeceuroGlide Sectional developments, please contact SWS UK on 01524 772400.