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All about the police preferred specification

Secured By Design (SBD) aims to help property owners and residents protect their buildings and belongings through 'designing out crime'. 

SBD accredits security products that meet their rigorous testing methods from a range of industries; including alarm systems, bicycle locks, and garage doors.




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SBD was established at the end of the 1980s after the housing boom meant that estates were often built quickly and without much consideration for security.

This meant that burglars found access into and out of properties relatively straightforward and escape routes easy to come by. As a result, the initiative was established in '89 to help combat the rise in burglaries.

Since its inception, key statistics show that Secured By Design housing developments:

  • Are 75% less likely to be burgled than non-SBD developments
  • More than 1 million homes have been built to SBD standards
  • An overall reduction in property crime of 60% since 1989
  • Crime reductions of up to 87% on new developments (2017) and 61% in major refurbishment projects (2009)
  • Crime reductions sustainable each year and every year

*Data from Secured By Design website

Securing Your Property

When it comes to securing your property - the police has a range of high quality advice available on their website.

This ranges from simple solutions such as locking doors, garages, and other potential entry points to your property, to more technologically advanced deterrents, such as installing cameras.

One of the primary ways you can protect yourself from burglary is by investing in Secured By Design. Purchasing a product recognised by the UK Police flagship initiative means that you are buying a security product that Police agree assists in effective crime prevention.

Alongside purchasing accredited roller garage doors or security gates, you can also add other technology to your home to deter potential intruders.

A rise in home automation systems is, in part, due to citizens wanting more control over protecting their home.

Our Secured By Design Products

A number of our products are Secured By Design as standard. You can see them below.

See What Our Customers Think

Security, good appearance and excellent product. Installers were exceptional. Made sure everything was as it should be. Made sure customer was happy.

Customer of South West Garage Doors Ltd

– 25-04-2019

Security, colour to match our front door, good quality and neat finish to the door. We are impressed with the quiet operation of the door, and the safety feature of stopping as soon as touching an object.

Customer of Garage Door & Auto Exeter

– 26-04-2019

This was a replacement door for an up & over, which had been damaged. To have improved features such as better security, ease of use, aesthetically much more pleasing. Highly recommend to any friends/relatives.

Customer of Snapes

– 11-04-2019

We had one before (fitted by the same company) at our previous home and were very happy with it. We wanted the convenience of the remote control, together with the great streamlined look of the door. Lovely product.

Customer of Garage Door & Auto Bristol

– 18-04-2019

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