Made To Measure Garage Doors from SeceuroGlide

The perfect fit each and every time

Ensuring the Perfect Fit

Each of our garage doors are made to order in the UK, and our trusted network of distributors and installers will measure - to the millimeter! - the area that your new door needs to fit.

A perfect fit comes with a range of benefits, including better insulation, security and safety. Therefore, when choosing one of the high quality doors offered by SeceuroGlide, it makes sense to ensure it is perfectly aligned with your household to gain the best from your new door.

It also means that awkward surrounding areas - such as a sloped entrance way - can be accounted for to ensure a snug fit. 

Furthermore, we offer a range of Secured by Design doors that have been awarded this sought after specification, in part, due to the extra security that comes with a precise fit.

Our Range of Bespoke Garage Doors

You can see the made to measure garage doors in our SeceuroGlide range below.

As each of our garage doors are made to order, you can add optional extras, such as vents and windows, on certain product ranges.