Latest Product Video - SeceuroGlide Excel

2 years ago

Introducing Our Latest Product Video – SeceuroGlide Excel

SWS UK is pleased to announce the launch of our latest animated video highlighting the key features of our most secure roller garage door, SeceuroGlide Excel.

Security is a very serious consideration for all homeowners. Not only is your garage door often one of the easiest ways to break into your home, but it also often holds high-value items which can easily be stolen and sold.

With that in mind, the Excel was designed and became the first garage door in the UK to be tested and approved to police and insurance standards. In addition to the Secured by Design accreditation of the Original, the Excel also has met the higher specification of the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) security rating LPS1175 SR1.

The Excel achieved the higher specification by passing a series of timed attacks which go beyond the requirements of doors with lower or no security ratings. This included a more vigorous, violent attack with no restrictions on how much noise could be made during the test.

The video neatly outlines some of the key features of the SeceuroGlide Excel, such as:

  • Unique foot design
  • Locking bottom slat
  • Extra wide 90mm channels
  • Only roller door with LPS SR1, even when fitted in the reveal.

Commercial Director Martin Fletcher said ‘One of our plans for 2022 is to create more supportive content to help our customers. The idea is that the videos can be used to illustrate why SeceuroGlide Garage Doors are the market-leading roller door. Following the success and the encouraging feedback of the Original video released in October. The latest video, showcases the Excel, this addition is just the start and we have plans to create more videos and engaging tools to help customers throughout 2022.

Click below and learn more about the SeceuroGlide Excel.