The SeceuroGlide Classic Roller Garage Door: Now Secured by Design as Standard

2 years ago

Throughout 2017/18, more than 666,000 households were affected by burglary. As such, SWS UK has had one of their most popular products tested by an independent body to support the initiative of “designing out crime”.

As part of continuous product development, the physical security manufacturer has gained the prestigious Secured by Design (SBD) accreditation for their SeceuroGlide Classic Roller garage door.

The police-preferred specification has been operating since 1989 and SBD developments boast a reduction of 87 per cent in crime on new developments and are up to 75 per cent less likely to be burgled.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 500,000 pushbikes and 26,000 motorbikes are stolen each year. As a garage can be one of the easiest ways to gain access to expensive items, the SeceuroGlide Classic Roller garage door joins the SeceuroGlide Excel Roller as a domestic SWS UK product to be awarded the Secured by Design standard.

The upgraded SeceuroGlide Excel Roller also possesses a Level 1 security rating accredited by the LPCB.



This enhanced security requires the door to withstand a non-stealth attack, preventing would-be intruders from gaining entry through more opportunities than the SBD tests for.

Product Development Manager, Paul Cowley, said: “We’re very pleased to have been awarded the Secured by Design accreditation for our internally fitted SeceuroGlide Classic Roller.

“It demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative products that provide the safety, security and style that people are looking to incorporate into their homes.

“We hope that this new accreditation helps customers to understand the physical security our garage door provides to be able to pass this information onto their customers.”

The company also has several commercial and industrial products that have been given Police approval, including the LPCB Level 1 Security SeceuroDoor 9501 and LPCB Level 2 Security SeceuroDoor Industrial 7502.