The Door & Hardware Federation Release Video Highlighting Garage Door Safety Concerns

6 months ago

The Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) has recently highlighted roller garage door safety concerns in an informative video aimed at the consumer.

The short video focuses on roller garage doors and includes visual demonstrations on why compliant safety devices, such as a safety edge should always be provided as standard, and not as an optional extra. In particular, it explains the complexities around the ‘hold-to-run’ feature, highlighting when additional security features are a legal requirement. This includes doors that are above a certain weight, open out onto a public highway or use a remote control that can be operated out of sight of the door.

DHF is a not-for-profit trade association for companies associated with doors, locks and building hardware, including domestic garage doors and automated gates. Regarded as a ‘Centre of Excellence’, they are a trusted source for technical expertise and advice on garage door safety and correct health and safety compliance.

‘Our video focuses on the hold-to-run feature associated with roller garage doors and very clearly highlights the importance of considering safety (as well as aesthetics and cost) when choosing a new garage door’ says DHF’s Head of Commercial Operations, Patricia Sowsberry-Stevens. ‘It’s important to note that an automated garage door is, in fact, a machine and should be treated as such if injuries to people and pets are to be avoided.’

‘We have been particularly concerned that some providers who are not DHF members, have been selling illegal products and offering safety as an additional feature instead of as standard’ adds Patricia. ‘A DHF member will always put safety first and DHF remains committed to placing only safe, compliant products on the market that are fit for purpose. Our advice to the consumer is this: please check what safety devices are applied as standard when purchasing an automated domestic garage door, and speak to a DHF member ahead of purchase, should you require guidance on safety and installation.’

Safety you can trust: SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Doors

Fully compliant, every SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door is manufactured with full safety features as standard, regardless of weight or where the door will be installed. A safety edge will automatically stop the door if a person or object is detected and for ultimate peace-of-mind, SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Doors feature an anti-fallback device that prevents the door from falling in the event of product or power failure.

‘User safety is at the forefront of everything we do, and we would never offer any of our safety features as an optional extra’ comments SWS UK’s Commercial Director, Martin Fletcher. ‘In an industry where there are lots of garage doors to choose from, we would implore buyers to check the safety features before purchase. As this video from the DHF demonstrates, there are some garage door manufacturers who have adopted a controversial interpretation of garage door legislation, which could lead to catastrophic consequences.’

Watch the video from the Door and Hardware Federation below: