SWS UK Security Rated Products

2 years ago

Explore the Full Range of Security Rated Products from SWS UK

SWS UK has a number of security-rated products in both our steel and aluminium ranges. Every product that has achieved a level 1 (01) and a level 2 (02) security rating has been independently tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) is a globally recognised third-party certification body that works with manufacturers and insurers to ensure that fire and security products perform effectively when subjected to attempts at unauthorised access. The LPCB uses a series of standards (Loss Prevention Standards or LPS) to identify and award products that meet the stringent pass requirements set by the LPCB.

The LPS 1175 rating categorises how long it could take an intruder to breach the grille, shutter or garage door. It measures the product’s level of resistance against attempted forced entry based on the size and types of tools used and the time that assailants will risk spending on an attempt.

Independent security ratings help home and business owners make an informed decision on the most suitable product for their property. Particularly important when considering their property’s location based, the likely attackers and the tools they would have at their disposal – from opportunistic, easily concealed items like a screwdriver to a large, noisy battery-powered tool used as part of a planned attack. 

Why should anyone invest in an LPS 1175 certified door or shutter? A tested and certified LPS 1175 product is widely recognised by insurers and can lead to lower insurance premiums. Also, with the increase in security, it can deliver peace of mind to staff whilst securing property and equipment, and minimising damage and theft.

In addition to the LPCB accreditation, many SWS UK products have also been awarded Secured by Design (SBD) status. SBD is backed by the UK Police Service and has the specific aim of reducing crime and helping communities live more safely. SBD seek to improve the physical security of buildings and the surrounding area using products, such as doors, windows and locks that meet the SBD Police Preferred Specification’s security requirements.

Which SWS UK products are security rated?

SeceuroGlide Excel – Roller Garage Door

SeceuroShield 3801 – Security Shutter

SeceuroGuard 1001 – Retractable Gate System

SeceuroDoor 7501 – Single Skin Steel Industrial Door

SeceuroDoor 7502 – Single Skin Steel Industrial Door

SeceuroDoor 9501 – Insulated Steel Industrial Door

SWS UK is proud to manufacture an extensive range of security-rated products, at both our Lancaster and London factories. Full specifications are available for all LPS 1175 certified products and can be found when quoting or ordering on SWS Online.

For further information, distributors are invited to contact their Account Manager.