Types of Garage Doors: Which Is Best for You?

5 years ago

When it comes to investing in your home and adding a touch of kerb-appeal without compromising on security, most people begin researching the different types of garage doors available. The most common ways that garage doors operate is by swinging up and over, rolling up, or sliding to the side.

The roll-up action of sectional garage doors and roller garage doors are among the most popular types for modern homeowners. Afterall, when you’re investing in your property, you want something that’s unique to your personal tastes and requirements, as well as something that protects from the elements, noise, and would-be intruders.

The Different Types of Garage Doors

There are commonly four types of garage doors:

Single panel up-and-overs or sliding barn doors used to be a popular choice for those who had low headroom in their garage, but with the continuous improvement of the SeceuroGlide range, our compact sectional garage door requires just 90mm of headroom – that’s smaller than two golf tees balancing on top of each other.

Nowadays, the vertical action of sectional and roller garage doors enables homeowners to park extremely close to the door upon opening, which makes it perfect for modern life. Furthermore, with custom garage doors from SWS UK, you can decide on the panel type, finish, garage door colours, and accessories, such as stainless steel porthole windows.  

Innovations in technology means that these modern styles also allow for more robust protection against weather and security risks.

What is A Sectional Garage Door?

Prior to the growth in popularity of sectional garage doors, single panels were the types you would usually see throughout residential areas. Also known as up-and-overs or swing doors, single panel garage doors use extension springs, which can result in serious failures if not properly maintained.

Over many years of continuous design, testing and improvement, SeceuroGlide sectional doors have been created specifically with insulation and security in mind. Using foam-filled 40mm thick insulated steel panels, SWS’s range of sectional garage doors offer vastly improved insulation to your garage.

By rising vertically, as opposed to the classic outward styles of up-and-overs, sectional designs also allow you to make the most of the space both inside and outside of your garage. This means that you can park your car right up to the door when opening and closing.

Furthermore, the strong and robust design comes with an anti-finger trap between the panels, as well as a weather-seal, which reduces the risk of damage.

As opposed to the usually-standardised sizes that come with single panel garage doors, sectionals from SWS UK are created with a made-to-measure service, down to the mm, as standard. By ensuring that your door fits your opening perfectly, your insulated door panels ensure that your home is energy efficient – saving you money – and reducing noise. Furthermore, the substantial seals around SeceuroGlide sectional doors reach 30mm into the opening at the top, sides and bottom of the door, providing an all-weather superior seal for your home. Every door is also tested against hurricane force winds of 166km/hr.

Most of our sectional garage doors (not including SeceuroGlide Compact) are also available to open manually, which is ideal for garages without access to electricity. Their automatic counterparts, however, can be operated from the comfort of your home or car and come with a choice of motors.

Due to the bespoke nature of sectional garage doors, right down to the colour and accessories, an SWS UK approved and trained installer will guide you through the process to decide on the perfect sectional door for you.

You can get a better idea of which sectional garage door is right for you by looking at our SeceuroGlide Sectional Elite, SeceuroGlide Sectional Plus for larger garages, and SeceuroGlide Sectional Compact for those with low headroom.

Sectional VS Roller Garage Doors

The main difference between sectional and roller garage doors is how they operate and the panel heights, which can lend the two styles to different tastes and requirements.

With sectional garage doors, the panels are much larger than those of roller doors, meaning that when they are lifted vertically they sit in the headroom area of the garage. However, with roller doors, when they lift vertically they roll around an axel meaning that they can sometimes be more ideal for those with less headroom to spare. But for those who prefer the look of a sectional garage door, the SeceuroGlide Sectional Compact only requires 90mm of headroom.

With that in mind, bespoke roller garage doors are available from SWS UK in a choice of up to 18 paint or wood-effect finishes, with some models available in any RAL colour. So, if you prefer the convenience of modern living but the traditional look of wood, the SeceuroGlide Connect enables you to control your wood-effect door with your smart phone or one of the two remote controls you receive as standard.

When comparing sectional and roller garage doors, there are a range of roller styles that will complement your personal tastes and preferences.

  • If you’re looking for exceptional security, opt for the SeceuroGlide Excel. This is the first garage door that’s been tested to police and insurance standards
  • For those low on headroom, the roller SeceuroGlide Compact requires just 205mm of headroom for the axle to be fitted
  • If you are without electricity in your garage, but don’t want to compromise on style and convenience, our SeceuroGlide Manual range will suit you perfectly
  • Our SeceuroGlide LT is for those who are conscious of style and want to invest in the look of our SeceuroGlide Classic Roller but don’t require the robust noise reduction or security features available with our standard range

With their aluminium build, the SeceuroGlide range of roller doors are perfect for those wanting to enhance security without affecting the character of your property.

Which Type of Garage Door is Best for You?

Our product finder allows you to filter what doors are suitable for you based on the qualities you find most important. With our electric garage doors, you then have an array of possibilities to make your new door completely unique to you.

Use our installer search tool to find your nearest SWS UK-approved supplier and discuss your requirements.